Statement of corporate values
We at recognize, respect and honour intellectual property rights. We are committed to full fill our individual and moral obligations with respect to our use of copyrighted work here at We also make it assure that all the content on this site is solely created by our team/members and community. We also possess the legal rights of possessing our creative work from international organization who observe the duty of preserving intellectual properties. As being a community we believe that illegal copying and stealing other's intellectual works is a punishable crime in law. sets forth the following polices.

As a matter of moral and legal integrity, and adherence to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), sets forth the following policies and guidelines for all type of users.
No one other than itself, may copy, rewrite or reproduce and use  the copyrighted work from on other sites. Intellectual works are automatically copyrighted even if not registered with any observing organization. It is not always necessary to have a copyright symbol on the intellectual works. doesn't provide the permission to use  it's digital works on other sites other sites by any means. Users are hereby kindly requested to contact the content manager in case of such a situation.
Our copyright officers are duty bound to inform in case of any activity which violates the organization's policies.
Let's respect together the intellectual works and abide by the international laws. This is indeed our social and moral obligation.

                                                                                               AHMAD BILAL
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