1. I've enjoyed many of your pictures. You do a lot of research and I enjoy reading about the different breeds of cats and dogs. I have a Bengamese cat and a Ragdoll. What a pair. What differences! They are the loves of my life and the source of much necessity for housework. The ragdoll seems to have a never ending capacity for producing hair. I am constantly amazed at the amount of fur I wipe off and vacuum up from various surfaces. I love Moosie to death but won't ever have another one because of that. I am getting too old for all the fur. And yes, he is groomed frequently. On the other hand SnowPea my Bengamese is a little guy whose outlook on life is "My Way or the Highway". Animals are so much fun, and you never know when they are babies.

  2. Great photo collection! Curious, where the photo of the long-haired dachshund (red and black)originated? ... he looks almost identical to our dog. Uncanny.
    Jon G

  3. I have enjoyed reading about the labrador retrievers. I have been breeding them for many years. One fact you should check, they don't retrieve "fish". They are hunting dogs and bred to retrieve birds of all kinds.

    1. Sure We Will confirm again.Thanks for the information and keep up the good work.