10 Interesting Facts about Pomeranian

 Toy breeds are carried mostly because of their smaller size and less maintenance needs.But what happens if you get a big dog in a small body structure.This is what happens when you take a Pomeranian to your home.These small dogs are intelligent and also possess various other qualities that will make you fall in love with them.Here are some interesting facts about Pomeranian that you would surely like to know If you are a Pomeranian owner.
  1. Pomeranian are native to the area around the shores of Baltic Sea.The region covers area from two European countries Poland and Germany.It is unknown how old the breed is but It was mainly developed in that region.German Spitz were used to develop Pomeranian of today.
  2. Pomeranian of older times were large working dogs and weighed about 30 lbs or 13 kg whereas nowadays Pomeranian is a toy breed who's height ranges around 11 inches and weight ranges around 7 lbs.
  3. Queen Victoria had a great love for Pomeranian.She used to have more than 30 Pomeranian with her.Because of her the breed became famous in 1890s.
  4. Pomeranian that we see today are intelligent and alert.They are one of the best watchdogs among all dog breeds but can not be used as guard dogs due to their smaller size.
  5. Pomeranian have a big bark.That helps them when they are on duty.They are not so vocal but when they start barking they don't easily stop.
  6. Pomeranian needs a determined master who knows how to lead them.They need proper training from puppyhood otherwise they can be easily spoiled.
  7. Pomeranian love to run.They also like to run in circles around the place they live in.This is a normal Pomeranian behavior.A healthy Pomeranian may run up to 12 mph.
  8. Pomeranian have long haired dense coats that helps them survive harsh winter conditions.However their shedding level is very low and they are also very easy to groom.
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  10. Pomeranian comes in almost every coat color.From black to white and also every color between them.This attracts more dog owners towards them.They have been ranked as 19th most popular dog breed in United States according to AKC most registered dog breed statistics.
  11. The 25th United States Vice President or The 26th President Theodore Roosevelt has also owned a Pomeranian.


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