Scottish Fold Cat Temperament,Personality and Grooming

 Scottish Fold can be best describes as sweet,calm and friendly cat breed that does not create any type of issues for their owners and also for the people around them.The more you look at it's own like shape the cuter it will look.They are actually not different what they appear like.They are lap cats and are not vocal at all.They like to sit and rest most of the time.On the other hand Scottish Folds are also playful and active at certain times.They enjoy playing with children.You can easily leave them with small children in a room and they would be a perfect playmate for them.They are also pet friendly and would have no problem living with many other pets.The thing that makes them more lovable is their behavior with strangers.They almost behave similar both in indoors and outdoors.They are not shy on meeting with strangers and new people but will welcome them with their polite calm behavior.Like all other cat breeds you must not leave them for longer periods.They will easily get bored and it can lead to other health issues.Scottish Folds are not very intelligent cats but they like to explore every hidden thing in house.If you ever had a British Shorthair or American Shorthair cat you can easily guess how an Scottish Fold cat would be.In Short,Scottish Folds are suitable for all type of families wither with small or no children.

                         Scottish Fold cats have dense coats.Their coat lengths are normally short but they also come in long haired coats.Scottish Folds are cats with minimal grooming.However proper care and grooming is one of the foremost requirement for a healthy pet.

                                                                        It is recommended to start grooming session by grooming with your hands.Make your hands wet and start messaging gently from head to tail.In this way you can check any kind of rashes,loss of hair or any skin problem if present.Your Scottish Fold cat does not need grooming by hair brush regularly.Though they are calm and likes to keep themselves clean.Always use a metal tooth comb specially designed for cats.You can first use a wide toothed hair brush and after that a narrow one.Don't rush in any case as it may hurt the coat.

                 Giving your cat a bath often would take out essential oils from their coat and can make them dry that will lessen the coat's natural beauty.Bathing is one of the most important section but the question is how often they need bathing?They may need bath once in a month with a shampoo containing all essential oils.Try to use a good quality shampoo and special care should be taken near eyes,nose and ears as shampoo may bring harm to them.You may need a helper in this section also.Don't let your Cat out in direct sun exposure after bath.Try to clean the coat with a towel or a hair dryer can also be used.Do not brush the coat again if not completely dried.It may take almost 15 minutes for their coat to become completely dry.You can change their bathing schedule in winter as they need less bathing in cold temperatures. 

                                   Mostly cats don't like this section but you have to make it their habit as it is necessary to prevent any kind of mouth infection.Special care must be taken try to use a soft toothbrush and a medicated toothpaste.Move the brush gently over canines.Try to brush your cat's teeth for about 4-6 minutes.You can get toothbrush and toothpaste specially designed for cats from a nearby pet store.  

                                    Scottish Fold needs special nail trimming.Their nails grow faster and needs to be trimmed at least twice in a week.Sometimes the nail grows into the pad and that can be painful.So try to keep checking regularly the growth of the nails.At first put a muzzle on your cat face if you can manage it.It will help keep her calm.Use a special nail trimmer designed for pets and never forget to have Peroxide with you.Trim nails at a significant distance from the nail root.

                                    With their unique folded ears they also need special care for the ears.They may easily suffer from ear mites.Ears should be checked regularly to avoid any such condition.Try to use a cotton bud or wet wipes and roll it gently inside the ears so it can carry the maximum dirt with it.Try to repeat the process for 4-6 minutes. 

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