Scottish Fold Cat History

 All the Scottish Fold cats that we see today are descended from a single barn cat or farm cat originated in Coupar Angus a town in Perth Scotland near Blairgowire.The farm cat was named Susie and had unique folded ears that was a result of natural mutation.Before Susie there were evidence of cats with folded ears but none of them got enough attention to be able to turn into a new cat breed.Susie was found in 1961 having ears resembling with American Fuzzy Rabbits.William Ross founded that cat and from there this naturally folded ears cat breed started.Today Scottish Fold comes in both long and short haired coats and also in different color patterns.Scottish Fold got his first registration just after 5 years he was found.Scottish Fold that we see today are most similar to British Shorthaired cats as these cats were also used to develop the Scottish Fold cat breed.Scottish Fold cat got championship status in late 1970s but like Norwegian Forest cats they were first accepted by CFA in 1993.

Image Source:CK101


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