Pomeranian Temperament and Personality

 Pomeranian is another small sized toy dog breed with long furry coat.Pomeranian is a dog breed having endless energy level and is alert,intelligent and also so lovable when kept at home.They are outgoing and like to meet with new people.That sentence mostly used for Yorkshire Terriers and Chihuahuas would be also be very true for Pomeranian that "They are small dogs with big personalities".They were actually bred as working dogs and were bred to be large enough in size to herd sheep.However Pomeranian that we see today can easily adjust in small apartments but a daily walk or exercise is somehow essential.In the conversion from large to small dogs Pomeranian have adopted one more thing and that is being a perfect companion.The like to be loved by their owners but you must know how to lead them.They can be easily spoiled and because them being highly energetic can create problem for their owners.They like to run around and also are vocal dogs with a big bark that gives an impression how big they are inside.They can be called half lap dogs.They would love to cuddle when tired but normally they will like to run and play instead of sitting in your lap.Pomeranian are not dumb at all.They are very intelligent and they can used this into bad ways if are not directed properly.Pomeranian can get along well with other small breeds but have been seen showing aggression towards larger dog breed.However early socialization is the best way to prevent any such problem.Pomeranian can not be are called as perfect dogs for children.However they can be nice playmates in owner's presence.Pomeranian are perfect watchdogs because they are very alert and their big bark helps them being good watchdogs but they can't be guard dogs as they are so small in size.In other words a Pomeranian under proper guidance would be a perfect companion for you and your family. 
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