Pomeranian Size,Weight and Life Expectancy

 Pomeranian are from Spitz family and a toy sized dog breed.They have long furry coats and muzzle similar to American Eskimo or other Spitz type dogs.They are active and alert dogs and intelligent dogs.There have well balanced bodies.It take almost 1 year for a Pomeranian to grow to it's maximum size.An adult Pomeranian have a size that ranges between 8-11 inches or 20-28 cm.
Dogs from which Pomeranian are descended are thought to be weighed around 20-30 lbs however the Pomeranian that wee see today has a weight range between 3-7 lbs or 1-3 kg.

                                    Pomeranian need your utmost care and are prone to many disease both in smaller and older ages.Although,they have pretty long and good lifespan and can be a long term partner for your family and children.Average lifespan of a Pomeranian is about 12-15 years.
Image Source:thedogsbreeds


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