Norwegian Forest Cat Temperament and Personality

 Norwegian Forest Cat can be best described as intelligent,calm,easy going beautiful cats that make excellent family pets in every way you judge them.Norwegian Forest are big size cats with long haired double coat and sparkling eyes.They are active cats and are also playful.They like to climb high places and are also outgoing.They are good at learning tricks and know how to obey their owners.They are also good hunters.They are not true lap cats but that mostly depends upon their mood.Their coat is soft to touch and also because it sheds a little so you can easily have them on furniture or wherever you are sitting.Norwegian Forest cats are friendly in nature and gets along well with other pets and also with children.However early socialization and training is the main thing as always.They are not aggressive cats but can get annoyed if are disturbed.They are not very vocal are also not completely independent cats.They have tendency to develop strong bonding with their owners.They mostly don't have any problem even if they are living with many other pets.Norwegian Forest Cats can be shy visiting new people but constant meetings will soon make then use to of this.On the whole Norwegian Forest Cats can fit with any kind of family either with small or older children.All that they need is your care and attention.


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