Norwegian Forest Cat History

 Norwegian Forest Cats are new to some countries but are very old to some where they are also considered to be originated.Their name says much about these cats.They are made to survive in the harsh weather conditions of the Norwegian Forests.However many evidences have confirmed their existence centuries ago.These cats are also related to Turkish Angora cats that are thought to be one of the oldest existing cat breed.These cats have long been a part of the fairy tails told in Scandinavian countries as the cats that only lives in forests and man can seldom see them.However the most accepted myth is that these cats are actually descendants of British Domestic cats brought by North Germanic People also known as Vikings to the Northern Europe.With the passage of time these cats have molded themselves according to the climate conditions and have become the Norwegian Forest Cat that we see today.The main reason why those North Germanic tribes took these cats with them was to keep their ships safe from rodents.That ability of hunting is still alive in Norwegian Forest Cats.Those cats were then bred with several domestic Norwegian cats but the breed started losing their identity because of spreading their gene pool and breeding with several other domestic cats.During the days of World War II Norwegian Forest cats were affected badly as many other cats and dog breeds existed in Europe that time.The First Norwegian Forest Cat club was founded during the World War in 1938 to keep the breed alive.After the foundation of the club the breed raises again and has gained immense popularity in Norway,Sweden and Finland.The breed came out of Norway quite late and first arrived to USA in 1970s.King Olaf V during his 34 years of rule declared the Norwegian Forest Cat as the official Norwegian Cat.After arriving USA the breed got further improvements and was first registered by CFA in 1993.Now these cats are nor only famous in Northern Europe but all over the world.
Image Source:majalisna


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