Is Chihuahua The Smallest Dog Breed?

 Chihuahua is a small dog with big personality but is he the smallest dog among all dog breeds?
The answer to this question is "Yes".Chihuahua possesses the title of being the smallest dog breed.However there are some other breeds that are much closer in size with Chihuahua.First Comes The Yorkshire Terrier another small dog with big personality and also known for being one of the most famous of all dog breeds.A Yorkshire Terrier Size ranges from 5-9 inches whereas a Chihuahua size ranges from 6-9 inches.The 3rd number is of the one of the smallest type of Dachshunds known as Miniature Dachshund whose height ranges up to 12 inches.Bichon Frise also comes in some of the small dog breeds and has a height range in between 9-11 inches.
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