How to Groom a Norwegian Forest Cat?

 Norwegian Forest cats are domestic cats and nature has given them coats that can fight with weather conditions of their origin.They have double coat out of which the upper one is long that keeps the snow away.If you are planning to have a long haired cat breed and are tired of shedding then Norwegian Forest is the right choice for you.These cats are with minimal grooming needs and their coats shed a little.However like any other cat breed they also need grooming sessions.Here are some tips and suggestions that may help you grooming your Norwegian Forest Cat.

                                                                                   It is recommended to start grooming session by grooming with your hands.Make your hands wet and start messaging gently from head to tail.In this way you can check any kind of rashes,loss of hair or any skin problem if present.Your Norwegian Forest cat does not need grooming by hair brush regularly.Though they are active but likes to keep themselves clean.Always use a meta tooth comb specially designed for cats.You can first use a wide toothed hair brush and after that a narrow one.Don't rush in any case as it may hurt the coat.


                   Norwegian Forest cats are active and playful.Giving your cat a bath often would take out essential oils from their coat and can make them dry that will lessen the coat's natural beauty.Bathing is one of the most important section but the question is how often they need bathing?They may need bath once in a month with a shampoo containing all essential oils.Try to use a good quality shampoo and special care should be taken near eyes,nose and ears as shampoo may bring harm to them.You may need a helper in this section also.Don't let your Cat out in direct sun exposure after bath.Try to clean the coat with a towel or a hair dryer can also be used.Do not brush the coat again if not completely dried.It may take almost 15 minutes for their coat to become completely dry.You can change their bathing schedule in winter as they need less bathing in cold temperatures. 
                                                Mostly cats don't like this section but you have to make it their habit as it is necessary to prevent any kind of mouth infection.Special care must be taken try to use a soft toothbrush and a medicated toothpaste.Move the brush gently over canines.Try to brush your cat's teeth for about 4-6 minutes.You can get toothbrush and toothpaste specially designed for cats from a nearby pet store. 

                                        Norwegian Forest cats have big round eyes that are often green colored.That actually acts as a milestone in enhancing their beauty.Try to use cotton dipped in a lubricant ex.Water or Hydrogen Peroxide and roll it gently around the corner of eyes.You don't need to push anything at all.By repeating the process 5-10 times you will see all the dirt coming out. 


                                      Ears should be checked regularly as their is always danger of the occurrence of mites.Usually the sign for having mites is the excessive scratching of ears.You need to consult a veterinary specialist in such case.Try to use a cotton bud or wet wipes and roll it gently inside the ears so it can carry the maximum dirt with it.Try to repeat the process for 4-6 minutes. 

                                          Nails need to be cut if are not shedding themselves.You need to be careful as it may result in bleeding if not carefully cut.Try to use a sharp edged nail cutter and cut the dead part usually turned to yellow.Try to push the claws with your thumb so you can see the whole nail out and can cut it at the right place.Look twice and make sure that you are cutting the nail at a significant distance from the root. 


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