How much does a Norwegian Forest Kitten Cost?

Norwegian Forest cats are available in a wide price range depending upon the area where you live,the place from where you are planning to buy your kitten and the type of kitten you wish to have.Norwegian Forest kittens are no doubt precious and are also one of the most expensive kittens to buy because of them being less in number.There are always a number of purebred kittens present at shelters and if you have a little bit of experience then it's not hard to find them.You can get a kitten from a nearby shelter for $200-$300.A reputable breeder who claims to sale a purebred Norwegian Forest kitten would charge you around $300-$800.Norwegian Forest kittens comes in several coat patterns.If you wish to have a show quality kitten of your specific color choice and pattern  than a Norwegian Forest kitten would cost you around $800-$1000.
Image Source:mostlycatsmostly