Chihuahua Temperament & Personality

 The so called smallest dog in the world has a big personality inside.They are often called big dogs in small bodies.They don't actually know they are small and has no different behavior than a dog thrice of their size.Terriers have been used in developing the breed and that is the actual reason why they posses terrier like qualities.Chihuahuas can be best described like alert,active,loyal,playful and outgoing dogs.They are classified as companion dogs and make excellent small companions with less issues to handle.Chihuahuas are known to develop good understanding and bonding with their owners.Be ready to be with your Chihuahua 24/7 if you are planning to buy one.They often select your lap as their favorite place to rest.They are actually very easy to carry and are often seen being carried in pockets and handbags.Chihuahuas in real are not that easy to control as they look like.Their small bodies are filled with massive energies that they use in running and playing.They are always curious about what is happening in house and would never let you do something secretly.They are not so vocal but they keep showing with their gestures what they are in need of.They are also very intelligent and would soon be aware if you are ignoring them.They also have ability to understand human emotions.Chihuahuas don't have any problems with other pets till they are getting the same period of time and same amount of affection from their owners.Keeping Chihuahua with another large sized dog breed can be harmful and your duty becomes double when you do so.Even keeping Chihuahuas with small children can be harmful for both.So Chihuahuas are considered more suitable for the families with grown up children or with no children.However it's not a condition and totally depends on the owner.Chihuahuas can be called as a bit moody.They need early and often meeting with other dogs to be socialized to learn to behave in outdoors.Chihuahuas attract most of dog owners due to their small sized and also keeping a Chihuahua is not so expensive but Chihuahuas and only recommended for devoted and determined owner.The more love and affection you give your Chihuahua the same you will get from him.
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