Chihuahua Dog Size,Weight and Life Expectancy

 Chihuahua is the smallest of all dog breeds.They are often seen carried by celebrities in their pockets and handbags.They have big round eyes and an apple shaped head.The legs are short and the muzzle is short but pointed.The ears are erected.An Adult Chihuahua or a fully grown Chihuahua would have a height ranging between 6-9 inches or 15-23 cm.
There limit for the weight range according to breed standard guidelines is 6 lbs.Any Chihuahua weighing more than this would be disqualified.Average weight range for the breed is 2-6 lbs or 1-3 kg.
                                    Chihuahua is is a healthy dog breed which does not usually suffer from most of the diseases other Canine members suffer from.They have pretty long and lifespan and can be a long term partner for your family and children.Average lifespan of a Chihuahua is about 15-20 years.
Image Source:Redbubble


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