10 Interesting Facts about Scottish Fold Cats

 Scottish Folds are often called Hardy or Robust cat breeds.They are able to survive in harsh conditions.They are calm quite and can manage every type of conditions that make them a versatile cat breed.Here are some interesting facts about Scottish Fold cats.
  1. First Scottish Fold cat was found in Coupar Angus,Scotland.William Rose took that naturally folded eared cat.The cat name was Susie and the year was 1961.All the Scottish Fold are descendants of that single Folded ear cat.
  2. Cats with Folded ear are considered to be existed long ago but unfortunately they couldn't get much attention to be able to be source for new breed.Folded ears are due to dominant gene that gives them an owl like appearance.The ears are short and are folded towards the front side.
  3. Breeding two Scottish Folds results in a kitten having bone disorder.(See Health Problems in Scottish Folds)But straight-eared Scottish Fold are completely healthy and are not related to any specific health disorder.
  4. Scottish Folds like to eat that is why they are prone to obesity.They may also suffer from ear mites because of their closed ears.
  5. Scottish Fold cats with long-haired coats are called as "Highland Folds" or "Longhair Folds".
  6. Scottish Folds were first registered by CFA in 1993.However they have already got championship status almost 20 years before.
  7. Scottish Fold is a quiet  breed of cat.Their voice is very low and is rarely used.All Scottish Folds can not be called as lap cats but all of them likes to be cuddled.
  8. Scottish Folds sheds a little but are not hypoallergenic.
  9. Scottish Folds have tendency to develop Polycystic kidney disease.The disease mostly appears in later ages and can bring serious harm if not cured properly.
  10. Scottish Folds like to sleep with their owners.Be ready to find you cat sleeping right beside you on your bed if you are planning to have a Scottish Fold.
  11. Image Source:shinycatz


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