10 Interesting Facts about Russian Blue Cats

 Russian Blues have long been attracting people because of their beauty and Cat owners because of their pleasant and easy going nature.These cats are interesting and would keep you busy and happy with their activities.Here are some interesting facts about Russian Blue cats.
  1. Russian Blue cats were originated in "Archangel" and are domestic cats.However their oldest existence was noticed in 1860s.
  2. Russian Blue cats were first registered by CFA in 1949.However in first few years they couldn't won any cat championship award.It was also difficult to get a Russian Blue registered as most of the mix breed cats possess similar coat colors.
  3. Russian Blue cats are known to be loyal cats.They are picky cats and would always give preference to the one they have accepted as their owner.
  4. Russian Blue cats comes only in one coat color that is blue.This is the only color excepted by the CFA.These cats are also hard to find as they are not so widely bred as other breeds.
  5. Russian Blue cats have dense sparkling Blue coat but their shedding level is very low.Their coats may need brushing after several days as they have ability to withstand natural conditions.
  6. Russian Blue cats also come in long haired coats but that is a bit rare.Russian Blue cats are considered to be shy cats on meeting with strangers.
  7. Russian Blues are very playful and intelligent cats.They can learn difficult and complex tricks.They like to play retrieving and fetch games which make them being called as "doglike" cats.
  8. Russian Blue is very healthy cat breed.They rarely suffer from any health disorder.They have good long life span that lasts up to 20 years.
  9. Russian Blues are active but quiet cats.They speaks seldom and are good at finding things to keep themselves busy.
  10. Russian Blue cats may eat a lot.They never know how much they need to eat.You must know about how much they need to eat according to their age and activity level.


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