10 Interesting Facts about Norwegian Forest Cat

  Norwegian Forest cats has long been a part of fairy tails told in North European countries where they were originated.However these cats appeared quite late in United States but are now surely well known there.Here are some interesting facts about Norwegian Forest cats are listed.
  1. During the days of second World War Norwegian Forest cats became almost extinct and it was only by the efforts of Norwegian Breeders who made a club to keep this breed alive.
  2. Norwegian King "King Olaf V" declared Norwegian forest cats the national cat breed during his rule.
  3. In 1993 Norwegian Forest cats got CFA registeration.
  4. Norwegian Forest cats are most similar in appearance to Maine Coon cats another domestic cat breed originated in North America.Their forefathers are also related to Turkish Angora Cats originated in Middle East.  
  5. Norwegian Forest cats have double coat out of which the upper one is snow resistant.There upper coat changes in summer and the mane around their neck disappears.
  6. Norwegian Forest cats are not the larges cat breed and are also not hypoallergenic.
  7. Norwegian Forest cats come in almost every color pattern.There is not specific color for them and that's the reason they are sold on many different prices depending on how unique is the coat color.
  8. Norwegian forest cats are active cats but are less vocal.They are very much child friendly but can be shy on meeting strangers.
  9. Norwegian Forest cats are known as "Skogkatt" these cats are happy in cold temperatures.A temperature between 5-10 °C or 41-50 °F.
  10. Contrary to other long haired cat breeds Norwegian Forest cat needs minimal grooming.They are also very healthy and hardly suffers from any severe medical disorder.
  11. Image Source:followpics


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