Being Affectionate is something that every dog owner wants his dog to be.Actually every dog breed can be aggressive by nature.The aggressiveness can be to save themselves when they feel they are in danger or to protect the people they love.They key to have an affectionate and social dog which would be least harmful for others in any case is proper and better training.However some dog breeds are naturally considered less aggressive or more affectionate than other dog breeds.Some of them are listed here.
Top 10 Most Affectionate Dog Breeds

Labrador Retriever is also No.1 in being affectionate as he is in many other ways.These dogs have proved themselves the most trainable and affectionate dogs who make best companions for every type of family.These dogs love snow,water and can also do good in pretty warm temperatures as well.That is due to their versatility they are so largely loved by people.

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Top 10 Most Affectionate Dog Breeds

Irish Setter also known as Red Setter is breed that originated in Ireland an Island in Europe.They are Gundogs and were made to help in the game and also people have developed such breeds to get food from hunting.These dogs are excellent companions and are so affectionate that are ranked as No.2 in being affectionate among all dog breeds.They are trainable loyal and are never aggressive even in worse conditions.They make good family companions and develop strong bonding to their masters.
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Top 10 Most Affectionate Dog Breeds

Collie is a long haired dog breed that was originated in Scotland.These dogs are alert and active and were bred as herding dogs.They come in several beautiful coat colors.They are affectionate and loyal.They can also be good watchdogs as they are alert and trainable.They are ranked the 3rd most affectionate dog breed among all dog breeds.
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Top 10 Most Affectionate Dog Breeds

These small sized dogs were originated in England as hunting dogs as they have ability to run fast and can catch small animals.Beagles are been loved since they day they were created.They have been carrying a significant position among AKC most registered dog breeds from  long time and are recently ranked as the 4rth most popular dog breed.They are very affectionate and lovely and are also considered as the 4rth most affectionate dog breed. 

Miniature Schnauzer developed from Standard Schnauzer that are not very different from them except size are the most loved in all three types of Schnauzers are are considered to be the 5th most affectionate dog breeds.They are loyal,affectionate and playful.They also make perfect family companions.

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Top 10 Most Lovable Dog Breeds

American Eskimo is a long haired medium sized dog breeds that was originated in Germany but also have completed some phases of development in United States.Though these dogs are not so famous and have been over 100 in AKC ranking but are surely known as being affectionate and loving dogs.They are from Non-Sporting group.They are affectionate with children and have ability to get along well with other pets.They are considered as the 6th most affectionate dog breed.

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Top 10 Most Lovable Dog Breeds


Bichon Frises have gradually developed in almost four countries with Spain playing the biggest role.These small sized dogs are pleasant,playful and affectionate.They like to be introduced to other people.They are considered as the 7th most affectionate among all dog breeds.These dogs are easy to carry and be nice playmates for children.

Top 10 Best Family Dog Breeds

 Another Dog breed that was originated in Germany and the purpose was hunting.These dogs have dogs have god running speeds and are active,alert and also affectionate.Dachshunds are lively dogs that make perfects family companions are one of the most popular among all dog breeds.These odd body shaped hounds are the 8th most affectionate of all dog breeds. 

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Top 10 Best Family Dog Breeds

Bulldogs are affectionate and this word suits with every type of Bulldogs.They are suitable for determined owners and fortunately many people think they are that is the reason behind they are so largely kept by dog owners.Fulfilling the needs of a Bulldog is not so easy task and if you do they will pay you back with their affectionate behavior and loving nature.They are ranked as the 9th most affectionate dog breed.

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Old English Sheepdogs were originated in England.They have long haired dense coats sometimes even covering most of their eye region.They are herding dogs and are intelligent and trainable.They get along well with families with children.They are considered as the 10th most affectionate dog breed.


  1. My poodle/Jack Russell mix is very affectionate.

  2. Our golden retriever Rosie surprised me when my daughter offered her food bowl in one hand and her lead in the other and asked, 'what do you want, dinner or walkies?' Straight away she moved to the lead and poked it with her nose. She was taken out immediately, how great it must be to have someone who can communicate! She's never been trained, is only 17 months old and is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. i Love this Subject its deserve reading .. thanks

  4. This is a ridiculous article!!!! Its is very poorly written The collie picture is actually a border collie and all dogs are affectionate if you treat them right!!!! ugh