Temperament and Personality of Devon Rex Cats

 Devon Rex Cats are best known as intelligent,affectionate,trainable and outgoing cat breed that also carries many other notable characteristics.These cats are very much easy to house train because of their ability to learn tricks and to remember what they are taught.They can be called as one of the  most intelligent cat breed.This new breed has appeared as an important feline member and is now known as all around the world.Devon Rex cats are close to Cornish Rex cats both in look and characteristics.These cats have ability to develop good understanding and strong bonding to the people they live with.They are loyal to their houses where they are raised and also with the people living their too.Their training should start from very beginning otherwise they will get the habit to take decisions on their own which can be difficult to change later.They are loyal and have ability to understand human emotions.They love to follow and also to explore every new place they can get in.They are playful,active and alert cats and needs a significant amount of daily play time.You need to be more careful about this If your kitten is being raised alone.Devon Rex cats needs you around them and would get bored If left alone for longer time periods.They are lap cats and love to cuddle with anyone around them.They are very affectionate and therefore can get along well with children and also with other pets.Devon Rex are quite greedy cats and likes to human food.Devon Rex can be perfect loyal pet for any type of family but are more suitable for families with children and experienced cat owners.
Image Source:metaphoricalplatypus


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