Russian Blue Cat Size,Weight and Life Expectancy

 Russian Blue is an elegant medium sized cat breed.They are intelligent active and affectionate.These cats have dense short haired coats with well developed bodies.They mostly have green colored eyes and are pretty mush similar to British Shorthair cats in appearance.
A healthy full grown Russian Blue cat weights around 12-14 lbs or 5.4-6.3 kg.Whereas a female Russian Blue would weigh around 10-12 lbs or 4.5-5.4 kg.
Russian Blues are medium sized cats and there height normally ranges from 10-12 inches or 25.4-30.4 cm.
                                       Russian Blue cats are healthy and active.They do not usually suffer from most of genetic disorders present in Feline world.Russian Blue cats are domestic cats which has only Blue coat colors in which they are accepted for registration.They are such amazing and lovely creatures that they would soon become an important part of your family.They have good long lifespan.Average lifespan for a Russian Blue is about 15-20 years.
Image Source:dolazy


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