Interesting Facts about Devon Rex Cats

 Devon Rex are no doubt interesting creatures that carrying enough qualities that attract people towards them all over the world.These cats have numerous specialties that differentiate them from other feline members.Some of there notable characteristics are listed below. 
  1. Devon Rex cats were originated in South West England about half century ago.They were not bred by any breeder.The first Devon Rex kitten was found in a litter from a stray cat having normal coat who had a cross with a cat called "Tom" having naturally curly coat.
  2. All the Devon Rex cats that we see today are originated from that single kitten named Kirlee having curly Black and Brown Coat.
  3. Devon Rex are one of the most intelligent pet of their kind.They can learn hard and complex tricks and enjoy to please people with their activities.
  4. Devon Rex cats have many dog qualities that would never let you feel absence of a dog.They love to follow people and find out if anything is hidden from them.
  5. They love to play fetching games.They are active but still house loving cats that likes to be in house and quickly adjust themselves according to house environment.
  6. Devon Rex intelligence is not only limited to their training but they also know who you are.They develop strong bonding with their owners and will pay you back with their love and affection.
  7. Devon Rex are often confused with Cornish Rex cats but are different from them in features if you would have a close look at them.Devon Rex cat's large wide head and their curly coat makes them makes them distinct from Cornish Rex cats.
  8. Devon Rex comes in almost every color and pattern.Their ears are twice in size of any other normal cat breed.
  9. Devon Rex cats are sometimes considered as Hypoallergenic cats but they are no different then any other cat breed in this way.Click to see complete Article
  10. Devon Rex are healthy cats and hardy suffers from any health disorder.However there are some diseases that are specially associated to them like Devon Rex Myopathy.
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