Devon Rex Cat History

 Devon Rex are named after their city of origin that is Devon a city in the South West England.This very new breed of cat was first produced in 1960 and from then is considered as a notable cat breed that has attracted cat owners and breeders due to their intelligence and unique looks.These cats are most similar to Sphnyx cats and also Cornish Rex because of the similarities in their coats and body structure.Miss Berly Cox is considered fortunate enough to have the first Devon Rex kitten from a cat she didn't bred herself.She adopted that cat when she was near to have her litter.The number of kittens is unknown however the first Devon Rex kitten from which all the Devon Rex that we see today are thought to be descended was a unique member of that litter.That kitten was named Kirlee and had curly Black and Brown coat.Father of Kirlee was a stray male who had same curly coat as Kirlee.Miss Berly Cox kept that kitten with her and raised him considering as a Cornish Rex.However Kirlee has a quite large head from Cornish Rex cats and also had some differences in coat.When it was finally realized that Kirlee was different from Cornish Rex then he was bred with other breeds to improve them and to make them appear as a distinct cat breed.Devon Rex cats were imported to United States in 1968 and they became popular cats in 1970 after breeders have started paying attention towards this newly arrived breed in United States.They were first recognised by Cats Fanciers Association in 1979.In the same year Devon Rex Club was founded to keep this breed alive.
Image Source:trappalanda


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