10 Interesting Facts about Cornish Rex Cats

 Cornish Rex are no doubt interesting creatures that carrying enough qualities that attract people towards them all over the world.These cats have numerous specialties that differentiate them from other feline members.Some of there notable characteristics are listed below.
  1. Both the Devon and Cornish Rex Cats were originated in England,United Kingdom.Cornish Rex cats were originated in Cornwall.
  2. Mrs Nina was the first lady to have a Cornish Rex kitten from a litter of her cat named Serena.Mrs Nina further bred that kitten but could not take this process to completion because she ran out of money.
  3. Cornish Rex cats have naturally wavy coat that is a result of natural mutation.Their coat is sensitive and direct sun exposure can be harmful for them.
  4. Cornish Rex are considered as one of the most intelligent of all cat breeds due to their ability to learn new and difficult tricks.
  5. Cornish Rex are often called "Doglike" cats as they love to retrieve and follow the people.One other reason for this is their love for the house they live in.
  6. Cornish Rex cats are medium sized active cats.They like to jump and and find out everything hidden from them.
  7. A healthy Cornish Rex cat weighs around 9 lbs but they look much lighter in weight.Like Sphnyx cats these you can feel warmth of their body on touch because of their short haired coat.
  8. Cornish Rex cats have appearance resembling to the cats having their originated related to Egypt.These cats have large ears broad head and very light bones.
  9. Cornish Rex are no different then other medium or long haired cat breeds and can not be considered Hypoallergenic if strictly considered.Click Here to See Complete Article
  10. Cornish Rex cats like to eat.They may eat more than they handle.They generally healthy acts and have good long lifespan.However they have tendency to develop Congenital Hypotrichosis.
  11. Image Source:piperbasenji


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