Temperament and Personality of Miniature Schnauzer

All Schnauzers have been seen showing behavior similar to Terrier type breeds but are not considered genetically related to them.All three types of Schnauzers have similar and different characteristics as they are all created from Standard Schnauzer.Miniature Schnauzers are best describes as alert,intelligent,loyal,hard working,affectionate,obedient and playful.They have been used to perform herding and guarding tasks that show how highly trainable these dogs are.The are most largely kept by dog owners in all Schnauzer dog types.They are energetic and likes to do things without wasting time that makes them suitable for every kind of dog owner.They are alert and can be used as watch or guard dogs.They are big dogs in small bodies and that also works as a plus point in them being famous.These dogs are fearless and can protect on duty.They are also intelligent and can be trained easily according to requirements.They are social and are outgoing in nature.They are happy when around people and likes to make new friends.They are not aggressive and one can easily turn them into a well behaved canine member.They are not shy and that makes them prominent in dog shows where they have already won many different awards.They are not quiet dogs.They will inform you in time if they are in need of something.Miniature Schnauzers like to play and can surely be a nice playmate for your children.They are perfect for the family with small children and would also get along well with other pets but early socialization and proper training are still required.These dogs develop good understanding with their masters and families in which they live.They need regular significant exercise and need your proper attention.They would soon get bored if left alone for longer periods and that can lead to a bigger damage.From every prospective Miniature Schnauzer make good companions and best suits the needs of a dog owner.
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