Temperament and Personality of Shih Tzu Dogs

  Shih Tzu the big dog in small size is considered to be one of the most old dog breed among all dog breeds.Shih Tzu that we see today are alert,active,playful,courageous,brave,loving and also trainable.This breed have been through lots of breeding phases and Shih Tzu that we see today are surely different from their ancestors both in temperaments and in the purposes they were used in past.The Shih Tzu of today are friendly in nature and easily fit in small apartments with no excessive exercise needs and that is the reason why they are so largely kept by dog owners.These dogs are social and likes to be in people.They would like to go on walks with you where they can see people around them and that will boost their energy up.They can be good watchdogs as they are alert and never compromise while on duty.Shih Tzu dogs develop equal understanding with the people around them and therefore would give everyone the same importance.That is why in their case it becomes more important for everyone to behave like a real master.Shih Tzu makes loyal companions and also get along well with other pets but just like any other dog they need proper and early socialization.Once trained Shih Tzu have earned their reputation as well behaved dog breed.These dogs also get along well with other pets but surely needs your care and proper attention to not repeat the mistakes again and in order to learn from them properly.Shih Tzu are lap dogs and would like to be pet and groomed daily.Like Yorkshire Terriers Shih Tzu can also show aggression towards other pets or to animals twice in size.For this reason training should start from puppyhood.Shih Tzu is a suitable breed for all type of dog owners who need a small little bug in their houses who will kept themselves busy.
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