Temperament and Personality of Persian Cats

 Persian Cats often called as the cat created when a Lion sneezed because of their appearance.In real these cats are much more different in temperament than a lion.Persian Cats are classified in different types.Click to see Complete Article.All of them have been seen showing similar behaviors in different conditions.Persian Cats as a whole are sweet,affectionate,gentle,loving and playful fluffy feline members.They are the most largely kept cats by cat owners around the globe and the reason is their being exceptionally beautiful and being a suitable cats for families with small children and also for families with no children.Persian Cats mostly keep quiet and gives their most attention to their food and sleep and that is the main reason behind them being prone to obesity.They are not very active during the day but are surely at nights.They would like to discover things when you are at sleep.They are nor very energetic but are playful.These know they are beautiful and needs some special treatment for their beauty.They are not so demanding you have to fulfill their regular grooming needs.They are intelligent and trainable.They are delicate so never make a mistake to treat then harshly or they will get stressed which can be really costly later on.Temperament also depends upon the bloodline but they are generally affectionate and get along well with other pets and also with children.They suit owners of every age also for the people who don't have time for their pets all the time but that does not mean you can leave them for longer intervals.Persian Cats are nice delicate cats and proves to be good cats for their owners.


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