Temperament and Personality of Great Dane

 Great Dane whose history pretends him a giant and powerful hunter who can hunt down animals from rabbits to deer.The Great Dane that we see today shows a totally different picture.In fact they are considered as one of the most affectionate dog breed among all dog breeds.The Great Danes that we see today are best described as gentle,affectionate,loving and loyal.This is due to being so affectionate that these dogs are called "Gentle giants".These dogs are intelligent and are trainable.Great Danes does not make friends easily and try to keep stick on their daily routines.In general these dogs do get along well with other pets but surely needs early socialization and proper training.They also get along well with children  and are not known as aggressive dogs.These dogs think before deciding anything and does not rush to anything.They are not lazy and are outgoing dogs who like to play and learn new things.They do need exercise to keep them fit but they don't need excessive exercise.Daily walks are enough for them.They are not apartment dogs and it would be the worse thing if you are not providing a Great Dane with enough space.They need significant space and would get stressed if are not provided with it.Great Dane are alert too and can be good guard dogs.They have small haired smooth coat and need minimal grooming.
Temperament and Personality of Great Dane

They make good family companions and are loyal to their masters but unfortunately these dogs mostly live less than 10 years.Great Danes need determined owners and they can easily become a well behaved useful Canine member.
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  1. Awesome animal. They look like a small horse. Majestic can't even describe this creature. Certainly would have one if I had the space at home and the time to take care of it. It's sad they have such a short lifespan.