Temperament and Personality of German Shorthaired Pointer

 German Shorthaired Pointer often called as the most versatile dog breed of all times.The reason behind this is that the GSP is one of the few dog breeds that were developed for both purposes a suitable pet for house and a dog that would be helpful in outdoors.German Shorhaired Pointers that we see today are best described as alert,highly energetic,obedient,trainable and affectionate.These dogs can be used in almost every field where a dog can play his part.They are hunting dogs and even after so many years this quality is still in them and they would show it when they feel the need to.They are also protective in nature and can be used as guard dogs if were trained for this specific purpose.They need a determined leadership to be a well behaved dog who will spend his energy according to his master's orders.They need excessive daily exercise and it would the worst one can do with GSP is not providing them with enough space and opportunities to fulfill their exercise requirements.They also affectionate by nature and can get along well with other pets if early and properly socialized.Lack of exercise can lead them to stress and bad health.They are social dogs and would require a significant amount of time from your day.They always need around you to guide them properly.They are dominant in nature and also get along well with children.They can easily get bored if left alone for longer period and that would ultimately lead to stress and behavioral problems.They are keen to learn and are good at learning things.The more you train your GSP the better dog he will be.They learn throughout their lives.Their love for water can never be ignored.They are one of the best retrievers and love to swim.Their Shorthaired coat helps them in it and they also know this how to take advantage of it.German Shorthaired Pointers are in short perfect for determined families but it can be hard for first time dog owners to provide them with what they really need.


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