Temperament and Personality of German Shepherd

 German Shepherds are from the Herding group that means they were made to protect.This new breed has proved itself in any dog field the best by it's well behavior,intelligence and characteristics.German Shepherds are best described in words loyal,intelligent,trainable,courageous and watchful.They are the 2nd most registered dogs by American Kennel Club in the recent year.The reason behind this is the versatility in their characteristics.They have been widely used by police and search purposes due to being highly trainable and good even tempered.With all above characteristics German Shepherds are also naughty and playful and that continuous throughout their lives.They like to play with their mates and also with the people they live in.They are not so vocal but are amazing watch dogs.They are extremely loyal to their families and masters and have true will to protect their people even at the cost of their lives.They are well behaved with their families and also in outdoors but would never bear a stranger on duty.As they are so attached to their families so they should not be left alone as it may cause boredom and affect their behavior.They do need significant exercise to keep themselves active.Their large bodies needs proper and different kinds of exercise to perform the given tasks properly.They are confident and it doubles at duty times.German Shepherds have ability to get along well with children but every dog needs to be properly trained and timely socialized for this purpose.A puppy trained from puppyhood can easily become a nice playmate and a protector for your children in your absence.GSDs make less but true friends they actually don't like other dogs being raised at the same place but with the passage of time they would start showing the same affection to their other housemates.They are considered as the 3rd most intelligent dog breed and that is why their are widely trained to help paralysed people.They make great companions and can be trained to perform tasks of any kind.One much keep in mind that your affectionate behavior is the key to make your dog a well behaved canine member.Don't let your dog decide what he wants to do and try to develop a sense of understanding between each other.He must give importance to your orders.That is only possible if you are determined and have dedicated a significant amount of time only for your dog to make him a better citizen of world.
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