Temperament and Personality of French Bulldog

 Nobody can imagine about for what and in which ways ancestors of all Bulldogs have been used some centuries ago.When it comes to French Bulldogs the condition changes more.These dogs are bred from English Bulldogs and Pugs and some other domestic existing breeds of that times.The main part in their development has been played by two most affectionate and loving dog breeds that can one experience when he actually owns a French Bulldog.These small Bulldogs are alert,playful,outgoing,intelligent and easy to train.These dogs are loyal and make good companions.They are keen to learn and develop good understanding with their masters.They are social and like to be in people all the time.They are not so independent and would need you around them most of times.They are trainable but are stubborn too.You need to behave nicely in order to make them understand things.They are true attention seekers and would do that with their actions.They are alert and can be called as watchdogs but not guard dogs as this term does not suit their size but they are vocal and would inform whenever they feel danger or if the need anything.These small Bulldogs get along well with other pets and can give nice company to children.You just need to socialize them at right time and the best time for this is the puppyhood.They can set in small apartments and does not need excessive exercise.Daily walk for not more than 20 minutes would be enough for them.They are also easy to groom and handle due to their small size and therefore are first choice of many dog owners.French Bulldogs are prone to many diseases and they need your proper attention and time.These dogs love to be loved the more you love them the more you will get in return.
Image Source:crazydoglady


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