Temperament and Personality of Birman Cats

 Birman Cats are considered to have their origin in Burma also known as "Sacred Cat of Burma" is the 7th most popular cat breed among all dog breeds.These cats are affectionate,playful and intelligent.They win hearts of their owners because of their friendly nature and the people around them when at outdoors.They are trainable and are keen to learn new things.They need to be treated affectionately and will surely pay you back with their love.They are not very active and does not need regular exercise.A suitable place to live and play where they can move freely which can also be your backyard would be enough for a Birman Cat.They are not so demanding and have been seen showing patience even in old age.They remain playful throughout their lives.They get along well with other pets but needs early socialization.They can be a nice playmate for children.They have never been known for showing aggression.They are delicate and needs your proper attention.They develop strong bonding with their families.They are not so vocal.They can't be along for longer periods and would get stressed.Birman Cats make nice peaceful companions for almost all type of cat owners.
Image Source:criavet


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