Size and Weight of Great Dane

 Great Dane is one of the largest of all dog breeds.They are as much gentle as much they are giant.They make good and loyal family companions and are also good guard dogs.It takes almost more than 1 year for a Great Dane puppy to become completely mature.Height for an adult male Great Dane lies in the range of 30-34 inches or 76-86 cm whereas height for females ranges from 28-32 inches or 71-81 cm.The Great Danes having height less than 28 inches are disqualifies from breed standards.
Great Danes do not have bulky bodies like most of Mastiffs.They are sleek and have well developed bodies.Weight for male Great Danes lies in the range of 120-200 lbs or 54-91 kg whereas females weigh comparatively less and weighs around 100-130 lbs or 45-59 kg.
Image Source:dogtutorial


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