Shih Tzu Dog History

 Shih Tzu is a small sized breed of dogs whose exact history and origin is unknown as Shih Tzu type dogs have thought to be originated thousands of years ago.Shih Tzu that we see today is considered to have their origin in China.Shih Tzu dogs are thought to be existed in China some 1400 years ago and the old paintings are the clear evidence for that.After that Shih Tzu dogs appeared in China in 17th century.They are thought to be bred from a long haired small sized dog breed called Pekingese that originated in China and another toy dog breed from Tibet called Lhasa Apso.That is due to their resemblance with Lhasa Apso dogs that they were first named as "Apso" when brought to Europe.Shih Tzu are also called as "Lion dogs" that is English translation of their name and are also called "Crysynthemum Dogs due to their appearance.These dogs have got royal treatment in China as they were kept by the Emperors as their special dogs.Pugs have also got the same treatment till they came out from China.However in other places where Shih Tzus also thought to have their origin like Tibet.In Tibet they were used as hunters and watchdogs.Shih Tzus were first imported to England,America and other European counties in early 19th century.World War have also affected this breed along with many other breeds in Europe and England.However after the World War II the breed took a new turn in American and Europe and breeders bred them carefully to keep the breed alive.Shih Tzu dogs became prominent in England after 1930 and were first recognized by Kennel club of United kingdom in 1940.However the breed became popular in United States a bit late.In 1960s breeders in United States started breeding them excessively.They were first recognized by American Kennel Club in 1969.From then these dogs have always been one of the most popular dog breeds in United States.They have also been ranked in top 10 dog breeds in American Kennel Club statistics.
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