Miniature Schanuzer Dog History

 Miniature Schanuzer is one of the three types of Schanuzer breed originated in Germany.They are smallest in size and were originated from Standard Schnauzer.Standard Schnauzer is not a new breed they were developed in 16th century in Germany and the purpose was to make a working dog that can work well on farms and a guard for property.The Standard Schnauzer itself was bred from Poodles in Germany.Breeders felt the need for Miniature Schnauzer to get a dog more suitable for work having good temperament and highly trainable.Miniature Schnauzer were created by breeding small Poodles and a toy sized another German dog breed called Affenpinscher.Miniature Schnauzer is the newest in all three types and were bred in late 19th century.Miniature schnauzers became popular right after their creation and were brought to United States in early 20th century.Miniature Schnauzer dog club was found in America in 1933.This breed was also used to help Soldiers in World War along with many other dog breeds.Miniature Schnauzer were first recognized by American Kennel club in 1926.These dogs are the most famous among all three types and the reason behind this is they best suits to general preferences of any dog owner.They are ranked as the 12th most popular dog breed by American Kennel club in 2012.


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