Litter Size of French Bulldog

 Litter size varies from breed to breed and also from dog to dog.French Bulldog puppies are delicate at the time of birth but of course depends only on their mother.French Bulldogs have been seen with many problems giving birth to puppies.Chances of death for both mother and puppies are present if not treated carefully at times just before the birth.French Bulldogs often have cesarean as they are unable to give normal birth.They are prone to several allergies in their early stages.New born puppies require an optimal temperature to survive as they are prone to fever.Like many other dog breeds it takes almost 10-12 months for a French Bulldog puppy to get completely mature.Litter size may also depend on the time of when the dog is bred,dog's size and health.Breeding at the right time would result in a better litter.French Bulldogs mostly have small litters and are considered to be expensive also because of their low productivity rate.Average litter size for French Bulldog is about 2-5 puppies whereas bigger and smaller both litters may also be expected. 
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