How much does a German Shorthaired Pointer Cost?

 German Shorthaired Pointers are easy to groom but are not so easy to train and keep.They need excessive daily exercise and proper training and a determined leader to guide them in a right way.GSP has carried its position as the one of the most famous dog breed since the time they were spread in United States.The price of the puppy depends on the few conditions like the area you are living in the type of puppy you wish to buy,puppy's age or the place from which you are buying it.GSP puppies are sold at different prices depending upon their coat colors and their bloodline.They get attention from all over the world because of their unique look and characteristics.You can buy a baby German Shorthaired Pointer from a shelter where it would cost you around $200-$300.From a reputable breeder a purebred GSP puppy would cost you around $300-$700.If you wish to have a show quality baby GSP with specific coat color of your choice then a puppy would cost you around $1000 or more.
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