Health Problems in Shih Tzu Dogs

 Shih Tzu is considered as one of the oldest dog breed originated in Asia and one of the most famous dog breed now a days.Every breed carries some health concerns some of them are genetic some occur due to excessive and careless breeding.However by knowing to which diseases your dog is prone you can save him from many diseases that would lead in his better and healthy life.Here are some disease Shih Tzu dogs are prone to.

                             This is an inherited disease most of the dog breeds suffer from.Shih Tzu are also prone to Hip Dysplasia.This is a hip joint disorder and mostly occur in dogs in the form of Canine Hip Dysplasia.Actually a hip joint has two main components a ball and a socket.In this disease the ball and socket in the hip joint does not fit together as a result are no longer able to bear the pressure and cause massive friction in joints.This disease usually appears in the early age of a dog's life.It can badly affect the physical activity of your dog and would gradually make it too weak.

                              This is also an eye disorder.This disease appears in the lens of the eye that an eye use to focus.In this disease the eye lens loses it's transparency and makes blurred images.In worse cases the whole vision becomes unclear.This actually happens due to the disturbance in significant  amount of water and proteins that are essential for an eye lens to work.

                           This is also an eyelid disorder.This is a genetic disorder that makes the eyelids to move inward.Eyelids rubbing over the surface of eye produces friction,excessive tearing and also makes the dog to scratch eyes.In severe cases it can cause retinal ulcers and as a result loss of vision.

                                             This is an inherited eye disorder that usually affects the both of the eyes.The disease at first may affect one eye more than other but later on both eyes would be equally affected.This bilateral disease appears in three different forms including Stormal corneal dystrophy,Epithelial corneal dystrophy and Endothelial corneal Dystrophy.

                                                                     This disorder occurs due to deposits present in Storma.This inherited disorders is a result of genetic mutation carrying abnormal proteins that later on appears in the form of disease.

                                                                             This type of Corneal Dystrophy affects the outermost layer of cornea called Epithelium.This layer normally acts as a shield for cornea and protects it from eye infection.It also acts as vision clearer that is why dogs affected by Epithelial Corneal Dystrophy starts losing their vision power gradually.

                                                                                  This type of Corneal Dystrophy affects the innermost layer of cornea that is thin and sensitive.This layer actually works to maintain the significant amount water in storma.Dogs suffering from this disorder mostly losses their vision completely and the chances of recovery from this condition are almost zero.

                             Shih Tzu are dogs have small muzzled face that causes several breathing disorders and also make prone to heat stroke.This can cause sudden death during high activity times.Their small nostrils do not provide enough space for the air to pass to fulfill body's oxygen requirement during high activity times that causes body temperature to rise and as a result the dog suffers from heat stroke.One should keep enough water and other equipment to keep his dog cool and exercise should be done in smaller sessions in order to prevent over heating.

                                           This disease is more common in toy breeds.This is a bone disorder present in knee also called trick knee.In this disease the small triangular bone called patella which normally protects the knee joints is displaced from it's original position.The ligaments present in knee joint become unable to perform their function and as a result a dog can not walk normally.This condition is quiet painful for a dog and needs surgery in severe cases.

                                                         This is an inherited disorder that appears due to the less Willebrand's factor in blood which prevents blood clotting.Normally the platelets present in the body cells perform the clotting of blood that is a necessary process to stop bleeding.Dogs suffering from this disease does not have sufficient amount of platelets or the platelets present in the blood does not work properly.

                                  This is disease is simply the deficiency of thyroid hormones.This simple looking disease have complex and diverse effects.Thyroids hormones are produced by Thyroid glands that are essential for every cell of the body to perform properly.These hormones keeps metabolism at significant rate that is important to change the food into energy and other basic body functions.Thyroid glands are present right near the Voice Box.Damage caused by Hypothyroidism is inversely proportional to production of Thyroid hormone.Hypothyroidism directly affects body development.The disease may occur due to genetic reasons and may also occur due to depression and other conditions like traveling and separations.Hypothyroidism leads to many other diseases so it's always better to have your dog's blood tested at least once in a year. 

                               This is also called Low Blood sugar and affects dogs as well as cats.This is not a life threatening disease but can cause severe damage.In this disease glucose level in body drops which is the source of energy and the result is almost predictable.Low sugar level makes your dog dull and as a result he is unable to perform regular tasks and activities.Stress can cause hypoglycemia,Lethargy,loss of appetite and inability to concentrate are the main symptoms of Hypoglycemia.
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