Great Dane Dog History

 Great Danes are no doubt considered as one of the most old dog breed.There exact origin can  not be guessed but old paintings and Egyptian Monuments confirm their history in ancient Greeks and Egypt.These dogs are thought to be existed some 5000 years ago.They surely have seen different phases of development and has been used in different eras for different purposes.These dogs were used centuries ago as hunting dogs that have ability to hunt larger animals.The Great Danes that we see today are lot more different than their ancestors both in temperament and uses.In their latest history these dogs were found in Germany in between 16th and 17th century.They are considered to be bred from Old English Mastiff a giant and powerful dog breed and Irish Wolfhound another powerful dog breed once used to hunt wolves.By mixing these dogs Great Danes have got their size and power.In Germany these dogs are called as "Deutsche Dogge" that you can translate as the "German Dog".They were also got the prize of being "National Dog of Germany in 1876.They were used to hunt wild board that was a source of food for many people.Modern World has first seen Great Danes on a dog show in Germany 1863.These dogs were then imported to United States in late 19th century.In the same decade Great Dane Club of America was founded to keep the breed alive there and to introduce it to as many people as possible there.Great Danes were first registered by American Kennel Club in 1887 and are now one of the most registered dog breed among all dog breeds.They were first brought to United Kingdom in 1877 while The Great Dane Club was founded in United Kingdom in 1883.
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