German Shorthaired Pointer Dog History

German Shorthaired Pointers are one of the three types of gundogs.This is a new breed that is considered to be developed not more than 150 years ago.These dogs were bred to hunt and you can experience this when you actually own a GSP.Exactly from which dogs they were descended is unknown.However several breeds were crossed to make this dog better for their real purpose.The main part in developing this breed is thought to be played by are German Bird Dogs,Spanish Pointer with several other German hounds and also with English Pointer.These dogs were bred to have several abilities that includes strong sniffing power,fast running speeds,amazing swimming abilities,coats that helps them to swim better and to track and retrieve game unharmed.Now these dogs have long been kept in houses but are still full of the abilities they were bred for.These dogs were built to be highly intelligent and trainable.In Short these dogs have all those abilities a dog wants to see in a Hound.These became famous right after they were bred.The reason was hunting being popular sports in Europe.In early 20th century these dogs were start spreading in different parts of world.In the same decades GSP were imported to United States.They were first registered by American Kennel Club in 1930 and are now the 15th most registered dog breed by AKC among all dog breeds.In England German Shorthaired Pointers got their position quite late.I was not till mid 20th century that GSP became a well known breed in England.German Shorthaired Pointer Club was founded in 1951 to further introduce and maintain the breed standard in region.
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