French Bulldog History

 French Bulldog is one of the several types of Bulldogs.All of types are bred from English Bulldogs.English Bulldogs that were mainly used for Bull Baiting centuries ago faced years and years of breeding in different times for different purposes.French Bulldogs are considered to have their origin in England from which they were largely converted to France and were further bred there.The are considered to be a blend of English Bulldogs and Pugs to get a smaller dog breed that can be carried easily and is more suitable to be kept at homes.These dogs were not bred by professional breeders but lace makers.They were bred to be smaller in size so they would cost less.Why these dogs were so largely converted to France has answer hidden in the industrial revolution in Europe.In mid 19th century when this revolution spread in western Europe those many of the industrialists and workers settled in France due to their increasing industrial power and due to decline of this revolution in other parts of Europe.These were the people who are supposed to have carried their small French Bulldogs with them.When these dogs really appeared as a distinct breed and world has got to know about them they were most largely present in France and got their name as "French Bulldogs".The have also got their name as "Bouledogues Francias" in France.French Bulldogs were imported to United States in late 19th century and soon became famous there.In American some breeders started breeding these dogs to have distinct features that they have got in their origin.In America the most important feature for a French Bulldog was to have Bat like ears or erect ears.French Bulldog Club was found in 1896 to protect this breed there.French Bulldogs were first registered by American Kennel Club  in 1898.The French Bulldog Club of England was found in 1902 who has now been working for more than a century to keep this breed alive there.
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