Dalmatian Dog History

 Dalmatians are thought to be originated in central European country named Croatia.First signs of their presence were in early 19th century in an historical city Dalmatia on the cost of the Adriatic Sea.However their is no firm evidence that they have not been existed before they appeared in Croatia.Their presence can be known by paintings made hundreds of years before in different parts of Europe claims their existence not only in Europe but also in Asia and Egypt.In early 20th century Dalmatians appeared as an important dog breed in not only in Dalmatia or Croatia but other different parts of Europe.They have played an important role in war and also were used as watch dogs at that time.Today Dalmatians are widely trained and used as Fire Mascots.They have proved themselves useful in fire fighting situations and life rescues.In United States and England Dalmatians are still trained to be Fire Mascots.Dalmatians are used for this purpose because they are strong,alert and determined.They have also been used to pull carts in older times.Dalmatians has it's own bonding with horses and were used to protect horses from thieves.In older times horses were used to carry water at places to fight fire and Dalmatians were supposed to protect horses from ashes when men are busy in their work.In general Dalmatians have performed any kind of tasks as a working dog in his history.Dalmatians were first recognized by American Kennel club in 1888 and Dalmatian club was founded in American in 1905.Dalmatians have faced decline in their popularity in different time and according to recent AKC statistics they have been ranked 65th most registered dogs By American Kennel Club last year.
Image Source:dogster


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