10 Interesting Facts About Rottweilers

 Rottweilers have long been known for their power,endurance,being loyal,confident and alert dogs.These dogs make perfect companions for the ones who are loyal to them.They have been carrying their position among the top ten most registered dog breeds by American Kennel Club.Here are some interesting facts about Rottweilers.
  1. Rottweiler is dog breed having it's origin in Germany.These dogs were made to protect and have surely been serving in it till now.They were also used as herding dogs.
  2. Rottweilers can be medium to large sized dogs.They need determined owners.They are sot suitable for first time dog owners.They can be stubborn and hard to keep.The need a leader with true leadership qualities. 
  3. These dogs have always been famous for their strong jaws and bite force.They are considered to have one of the greatest bite force in all Canine world.
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  5. Rottweilers have well developed muscular bodies.They need regular significant exercise.They have good running speeds.A Rottweiler can run up to 25 mph or more.
  6. Rottweilers need significant space to live in.They are prone to obesity.A Rottweiler can weigh up to 180 lbs.
  7. Rottweilers are affectionate dog breed.This is a total misconception that they can attack their owners or people around them.Attacks registered by Rottweilers are not more than a small sized toy dog breed.The best way to judge a Rottweiler is to judge his owner as it totally depends upon the training.
  8. Rottweiler puppies are vigorous at the time of birth.A healthy Rottweiler puppy weighs around 1.3 lbs at the time of birth.It takes almost 2 years for a puppy to become completely grown.Rottweiler puppies are playful and can be destructive if left alone.
  9. Rottweilers slobber no less then a Bulldog.They do it before and after meals and also at travelling times.
  10. Rottweilers need your proper care and attention.They are prone to several health disorders like Hip Dysplasia and some eye disorders like Entropion.They can soon become stressed if left alone for longer interval and stress is the biggest cause behind any health disorder.
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