10 Interesting Facts about Pit Bulls

  Pit Bulls are filled with several qualities.They make good loyal companions and are friendly dogs of medium to large size.They are gentle and affectionate dogs and they do get along well not only with children but with other pets too.Here are some interesting facts about Pit Bulls.
  1. Pit Bulls were created with a blend of several Bulldogs and terriers.They have roots in United Kingdom but the breed mainly developed in America.
  2. Pit Bulls are unfortunately the most understood breed.According to a Public pole only 15% of the people think they are naturally aggressive and more than 70% thinks that they are same as any other dog breed.
  3. The tests have sown Pit Bulls temperament over 80% that is much more than many other dog breeds.
  4. Pit Bull jaws are no more different than other dog breed.They can lock their jaws is juts a myth nothing else that has been proved wrong by their dental examination.
  5. Pit Bulls don't have the strongest bite powers.The Rottweilers are dogs considered to have strongest bite forces.
  6. Every dog breed can be aggressive by nature.It totally depends upon how you treat your dog.A properly socialized and trained Pit Bull would be affectionate,loving and playful.
  7. Pit Bulls are nor good guard dogs.They are thought just because they are considered powerful and aggressive.In real Pit Bull is not a right choice if you are wishing to have a good guard dog.
  8. Pit Bulls are intelligent and are keen to learn.They are good at learning tricks.They are brave and are widely used as police dogs.
  9. Pit Bulls are the most famous in United States along with some other countries like Australia and United Kingdom.They are the 79th most registered dog breed by American Kennel Club.
  10. Pit Bulls are sensitive towards cold temperatures.They are also prone to some skin allergies and bone disorders like Hip Dysplasia.

    Pit Bulls are no different that any other affectionate and trainable dog breed.All dog owners and people who know them should play their parts by training them properly to set an example in order to remove their bad created image and to create awareness in  people about them.
Image Source:Care2


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