10 Interesting Facts about Labrador Retriever

 There would be hardly someone in this world who is unaware of Labrador Retriever and their numerous characteristics.This versatile dog breed has proven itself in every field where a dog can be useful.Labrador Retriever has been known for his intelligence,being affectionate,friendly and for being social.Here are some interesting facts about Labrador Retrievers.

  1.  Labrador Retrievers were originated in Canada some 400 years ago.However they have been given resemblance with a domestic Portuguese dog breed and are also though to be descendant of that breed but this is not confirmed.
  2. Labrador Retrievers are the No.1 among 175 American Kennel club dog breeds and have been carrying their position from a long time.Click to see Complete Article.
  3. Labrador Retrievers have great love for water and are one of the best retrievers.They love to swim and their coats helps them in it.They have long been used by English people to retrieve fish and have also been a source of living there.
  4. Labrador Retrievers are one of the most trainable and intelligent of all dog breeds.They are the most used dogs by Police and Military purposes.
  5. These dogs keep shedding almost all the year.You will see hairs on your carpet and furniture.Their coat needs regular and careful grooming.
  6. Labrador Retrievers are the most largely trained to help paralysed people and life rescue purposes.
  7. Labrador Retrievers have well balanced muscular bodies.They are athletic and needs regular exercise.A Labrador can run up to 28 kph.Click to see Complete Article
  8. They were used in the development of today's 3rd most registered dog breed Golden Retriever.They are also considered to be closest in resemblance with Labradors and both in appearance and characteristics.
  9. These dogs have been the best companions for all of their owners.They are loyal and provide good companionship not only to their masters but also to small children.They have average lifespan lasting up to 13 years or more.
  10. They are alert and can be trained to be as watch dogs.Labradors are medium to large sized dogs and can provide protection to their family and owners. 
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