10 Interesting Facts about Great Danes

 Great Danes the "Gentle Giants" have no doubt carried their position among the most famous dog breeds specially in United States.These dogs are powerful still affectionate and are filled with numerous qualities.Following are some interesting facts about Great Danes.
  1. Great Danes are considered to be one of the oldest of all dog breeds.Their existence has been confirmed some 5000 years ago in Asia.Click to Read complete History
  2. In Past Great Danes have been used as hunters and were used to hunt bigger and smaller both animals.They are thought to be appeared again in 17th century in Germany where these dogs have got great importance and are the descendants of Great Danes that we see today.
  3. Great Danes were awarded as the national dog of Germany in 1876 and are also called as Deutsche Dogge.
  4. Great Danes that wee see today are gentle and are known for their good temperaments.Contrary to their bigger size these dogs can adjust in apartments if are taken on daily walks.
  5. Great Danes were bred with Greyhounds and from them they have got their sleek bodies and running speeds.A Great Dane can run up to 40 mph.Click to See Complete Article
  6. Great Danes have smaller lifespans as compared with most of other dog breeds.They are also prone to some health disorders specifically related to them.Great Danes have average lifespan of 8-10 years.
  7. Great Danes make good family companions and develop good understanding with their masters.These dogs need your attention and would like to you to pet them.They really don't fit in laps otherwise they can surely be called as lap dogs.
  8. They are affectionate and they expect the same from their owners.They will pay you back for you love and care.Never make a mistake to leave Great Danes for longer periods.
  9. They are trainable but are not so intelligent.You have to pass some time in order to make them understands things and to teach them in a way you want them to behave.
  10. They do not eat much.Contrary to their size they eat food just like a medium sized dog breed.
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