10 Interesting Facts about German Shorthaired Pointers

 German Shorthaired Pointer the dog bred by blending some of best hunting dogs.These dogs were developed to get the best from a dog at low cost.This new breed has proven it's abilities in almost every dog field.Here are some interesting facts about German Shorthaired Pointers.
  1. German Shorthaired Pointer is a new dog breed and it was not till 1950 that these dogs got famous in United Kingdom and several parts of world other than Europe.Now GSP are the 15th most registered dog breed by American Kennel Club.
  2. These large sized dogs are working dogs and are highly trainable.They also have great ability to retrieve the game unharmed.The have smooth coats and are also one of the best swimmers in Canine world.
  3. A German Shorthaired Pointer needs more exercise than you can think.They like to jump and run.Long walking routines and hours of game are required to keep them fit.
  4. These dogs are one of the best hunters and have abilities to hunt both smaller and large animals.The can run fast and can take quick sharp turns.They can run up to 45 mph that is one of the fastest running speed among all dog breeds.Click to see complete article
  5. These dogs have large litter sizes.They may have up to 12 or more puppies in a litter.
  6. Lack of exercise can lead these dogs to many health disorders.They have tendency to develop Hip Dysplasia and other joint disorders.Click to see complete article.
  7. These dogs can be watch dogs or guard dogs but are not made for this purpose.They are trainable loyal and can protect their families when needed.
  8. German Shorthaired Pointers were first registered in 1930 by American Kennel Club.
  9. These dogs need determined owners otherwise they can easily turn into a spoiled dog.The need a leader to guide them how to use their energy in a right way.
  10. German Shorhaired Pointers grows slowly towards maturity.It takes almost 3 years for a GSP to become completely mature.


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