10 Interesting Facts about French Bulldogs

  French Bulldogs are interesting little creatures that attracts people from all over the world.They have been carrying their position in one of the most popular dog breed from a long time.These dogs are good loyal companions and would never let you get bored with their actions.Here are some facts about French Bulldogs.
  1. These dogs were originated in England but got their name in France as French Bulldogs because they were largely taken by lace makers shifted in France during the end of Industrial Revolution.
  2. These dogs were bred from English Bulldogs and Pugs while English Terriers are also thought to be one of their forefathers.
  3. French Bulldogs were more largely kept by women in France than Men.
  4. It is necessary for a French Bulldog to weigh less than 28 lbs.A French Bulldog weighing more than this would be disqualified from AKC registration.
  5. French Bulldogs likes to eat a lot.They won't like anyone around them while eating.They also tend to sleep too much.
  6. These dogs are mischievous and likes to play.The naughtiness in their nature never goes by age.
  7. French Bulldogs are not fond of water at all.Actually they hate going near it.Mostly French Bulldogs can't swim because of their small legs and large heads.
  8. French Bulldogs are one of the most expensive dog breed to buy and also to keep.
  9. French Bulldogs are alert and vocal when on duty.They can be good watch dogs but not guard dogs.
  10. French Bulldogs are now the 14th most registered AKC dog breed.
  11. Image Source:Olhandoporai


  1. I don't find all these facts to be true. I've have 2 french bulldogs a male and female and both were rather quiet. Neither one would even bark if the door bell rang as most dogs do. People have always told me they are so shocked at how quiet they are except for their constant snorting. And while my male frenchie loved water my female frenchie is not very fond of it and both have been able to swim just fine. I've actually seen plenty of frenchies swimming and actually really enjoying the water so I think it just depends on the personality of the dog. And I've never heard of french bulldogs not liking anyone around then while eating again I think that depends on the personality of each dog. Where did you get your facts from

  2. Not sure how accurate this is.... I have 2 frenchies... my dogs do not like to eat a lot... I always have food out for them and they usually eat a cup of food each a per day... I will not take them into pools or lakes b/c i dont want them to drown however they love bath time... Frenchies cant swim because they are top heavy.... I dont see how they are one of the most expensive breeds to keep... My dogs have cost me a lot but I dont think it would be anymore than any other dog. My dogs are alert but they rarely bark...

  3. I find this very true except for the fact they supposedly don't like anyone to be near them when eating. My frenchie don't really care as she's not food aggressive.