10 Interesting Facts about English Bulldogs

 English Bulldogs are interesting in their looks as well as in their nature and characteristics.English Bulldogs have been listed as 5th most popular breed in United Stated according to American Kennel Club.However English Bulldogs are prone to many health problems from which breeders are still fighting.Here are some interesting facts about English Bulldogs.
  1. English Bulldogs are thought to be used in 14th century in England mainly for Bull Baiting.From there these dogs have got their names as Bulldogs.Bulldogs of that time were expected to put a Bull down attacking them between a group of people.
  2. English Bulldogs of today are very much different to their ancestors not only in behavior but also in temperament and characteristics.
  3. English Bulldogs are very sensitive to hot and cold temperatures and are prone to Heat Stroke.Any temperature above 24 C can be harmful for them.
  4. English Bulldogs cute faces cause lots of breathing and heart problems for them.Due to their small narrow nose they remain unable to get enough oxygen fro outside air.
  5. English Bulldogs love eating and that is the most important thing in their lives.They can be aggressive if disturbed while eating.
  6. An English Bull dog can run up to 15 mph or 24 kph.
  7. Female English Bulldogs have been seen facing problems in normal delivery and are prone to give Cesarean birth.
  8. English Bulldogs can't swim and one must never try to take them under water.They reason behind it can be their odd short legs and extremely large skulls that are nor in proportion with their bodies.
  9. English Bull dogs are lazy but are still good watch dogs.They are hard to train because of their stubbornness but would be a nice dog when properly trained.
  10. English Bulldogs have compressed jaws.That is why you will see their jaws out even when their mouth is closed.This can be cute and ugly at the same time.They also slobber and drool because of their lose big lips.
  11. Image Source:puppiesenglishbulldog


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