10 Interesting Facts about Dalmatians

 Dalmatians often called the fireman dog is a breed included in Non-Sporting group by American Kennel Club.Dalmatians are known all over the world because of their unique spotted coats and due to being friendly,outgoing and also playful.Here are some interesting facts about Dalmatians.
  1. Dalmatian is a historic breed whose as the signs of their existence tells them to be existed in Egypt or and also in Greece.However they appeared in 19th century in Dalmatia present at the coast of Adriatic sea separating Italian Peninsula to Balkan Peninsula.
  2. Their actual origin is still unknown.They are named after the city Dalmatia but according to many researches they were not originated in that city.
  3. Dalmatians have long been used as Fire Mascots in United States and United Kingdom and are still been used for this Purpose.
  4. Dalmatians got AKC registration in 1888 whereas Dalmatian Club of America was founded in 1905 to keep the breed alive and to maintain breed standards there.
  5. Dalmatian puppies are born without dots.The dots starts appear after first month of their life.A Dalmatian may have black or liver spotter coats.These dots changes throughout their lives.
  6. Dalmatians have well developed balanced bodies.They have good running speeds.A Dalmatian may run up to 37 mph.
  7. Dalmatians have good productivity rate and normally have large litters.A Dalmatian may have up to 15 puppies in a litter.
  8. Dalmatian owners may face shedding problem.They shed moderately but their coats don't show like they do.
  9. Dalmatians are social and likes to be in people.They can't live alone even for smaller periods and can easily get stressed.
  10. More than 13% of Dalmatian are born deaf.This is one of the largest percentage among all dog breeds.Make sure your puppy has passed every test before you get him.


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