Temperament and Personality of English Bulldog

 This breed has been developed over centuries.Bulldogs were being used for different purposes in different eras.In older times they have been bred to have different temperament to fit the needs of the game like Bull Baiting. English Bulldogs that we see today have quite different temperament than their forefathers.The Bulldogs that we see today are loving,social and stubborn.They are calm and get along well with people and other pets.They have tendency to be close to some of their family members and would like to welcome you with their small nosed cute wrinkly face on your return.Bulldogs are very social and likes to be in people.They attracts people around them with their activities.English Bulldogs also get along well with other pets if properly trained and socialized.They are quite stubborn in nature and can be hard to train.You need to pass some time to develop understanding between each other.English Bulldogs also get along well with children but early socialization is the foremost requirement in this case also.English Bulldogs are not very intelligent but also not silly.They are not so active and does not need excessive exercise.But like any other dog breed they need a specific amount of exercise to fulfill their body requirement and also to prevent obesity.English Bulldogs are fond of eating and forgets every other thing while eating.One shouldn't let children close to them while they are eating as they can be aggressive in those times.English Bulldogs are loyal to their masters and they really give importance to their words.They can be used as Guard dogs because of their protective nature.They like to perform the tasks they are given with.
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